Here are just some of our recent unique projects.

Transportation of deceased

Vehicles for the transportation of deceased or funeral vehicles require special equipment and assembling and must ensure minimal technical requirements.

Most users have special requests and desires, and we are here to fulfill the same to the maximum.

Mobile offices

Various activities require real work on the ground without losing the comfort we have in the office.

We’ll use years of experience to turn your vehicle into a true mobile office – comfortable, feature-rich and mobile.


The feather of our offer, with many different elements. The possibility of adaptation and different requirements.

Mobile horseshoe workshop

We are proud to present another interesting special upgrade and an idea of ​​how we can transform your functional cargo crate space into a great mobile office and advertisement for your business.

This unique vehicle has everything a farrier needs at his fingertips, easy to use, fast and without compromising quality. This is an energy-autonomous vehicle, suitable for operation in all conditions.

Mobile pet grooming vehicle

We are proud to present a mobile pet grooming vehicle – unique in Croatia and quite possibly in this part of the world.