Cargo boxes and cooling chambers

MultiPartner offers the production of open and closed cargo boxes with loading ramp and other fully customized accessories. All our open and closed boxes are marked by superior quality, while laminated arches along the side panels and tarpaulin create an aesthetic and functional product in full compliance with the base vehicle. We also offer closed cargo bins made entirely of aluminum.

For auxiliary chassis and side panels you can choose aluminum or steel as basic building material, but keep in mind some of the advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

We usually recommend aluminum as the basic material, because it’s a light-weight non-corosive material highly cost-effective when it comes to fuel consumptio.

Steel, on the other hand, is a much heavier and corrosive material, but we’ll recommend it for all vehicles whose primary function is to transport robust cargo.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that aluminum construction is produced solely by removable joints, while the steel construction is made by a combination of welding and detachable joints.

Our MultiCargo program also offers the production of cooling chambers for all types of vehicles, from light delivery vehicles to large and extra-large trucks.

With various equipment, performance and size options, we offer complete flexibility and highest-quality upgrade solutions.

The same package can include the installation of refrigeration units and service/technical support for all upgrades.

Thermal insulation of vans

Thermal insulation of commercial vans is the most widespread form of vehicle upgrades. It enables safe transportation of perishable foods at great distances for vehicles factory-designed as vans.

Our thermal insulations are customized for both fresh and deep-frozen products, and can come with an ATP certificate.

The program also offers special variants of cooling chambers for transportation of fish and meat products.

Tail lifts

Increasing demand for the installation of tail lifts on both new and used vehicles has presented us with the task of offering you the most favorable installation options for such equipment. Enter D’Hollandia.

D’Hollandia is a specialized global manufacturer of tail lifts with factories all around the globe.

The company now has over 43 years of experience and is European tail lifts manufacturer of No.1, with production of more than 28,000 units per year, and more than 450,000 units sold since it was founded in 1968.

D’Hollandia has unbeatable range with capacities ranging from 150 to 16,000 kg.

Production sites in 5 countries.

More than 90% of its mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts are produced in their own factories.

D’Hollandia tail lifts comply with all CE regulations.

They are made of aluminum alloy which assures light weight and minimal reduction in the payload of the vehicle.

Technical characteristics of D'hollandia tail lifts

Mechanical functions

  • hydraulic ramp opening (ensures easy opening even in most extreme conditions),
  • automatic hydraulic lowering to the ground,
  • tilting in all positions.

Hydraulic characteristics

  • sealing gasket – compact and soundproof,
  • electric panel for all types of joints,
  • 1 or 2 single-acting lifting cylinder with lubrication,
  • 1 or 2 double-acting tilting cylinder,
  • lifting cylinder coated with rubber protection,
  • mounted solenoid valves on each cylinder,
  • oil filter cartridge,
  • chrome steel bars with a high degree of elasticity.


  • ultra-thin external control box with “ON-OFF” switch positioned in the cabin,
  • illuminated control panel,
  • secure dual management,
  • engine with preinstalled overheating protection device.


  • plates for mounting screws,
  • the carriage kit is available for all types of vehicles,
  • assembly is quick, easy and doesn’t require any chassis/body modifications, except for the installation of an ultra-thin external control box,
  • adjustable ramp height to eliminate any potential the chassis/body damage.


  • Pre-sanded steel parts treated with hexacrylic electrocatalephrosis (except cylinders that were bred with two-component enamel)
  • EC standard materials,
  • self-lubricating joints,
  • the delivery of a fully assembled and tested ramp mounted on the chassis to avoid the need for re-painting.

Air suspension

Air suspensions enable comfortable transportation and increased safety by adjusting the vehicle to specific load conditions.

Pressure adjustment enables safe transport of goods of all weights.

We can install the feature on most light commercial vehicles, camper vehicles, and SUVs.

These systems have individual valves that allow control of the lateral or front-to-rear height, which helps maintain the vehicle’s driving height in all conditions.

Air suspension installment does not require any additional drilling. The process is fast and relatively simple.

Conversions from M1 passenger to N1 cargo category

All 5-passenger vehicles with access to the cargo compartment can be retrofitted to commercial vehicles.

MultiPartner offers quick and high-quality modification from M1 passenger to N1 cargo, with all necessary certificates.

Combined cargo and passenger transport

Sometimes your job requires fast and safe transportation of several employees, equipment, and goods at the same time.

Because factory variants of such vehicles are usually expensive and have long delivery times, it’s much faster and cheaper to upgrade your existing van to a combined-purpose vehicle.