We offer special van vehicles with a working basket, used vehicles for the transportation of persons with disabilities, Vigia automatic tire inflation systems, and other equipment and spare parts for truck upgrades.


If you’re in search of a vehicle tailored to your needs, our offer of personal vehicles suitable for transporting people with disabilities includes options to meet your requirements and provide an incredible driving experience. Focused on providing top-quality vehicles, we offer you a choice between new or used vehicles up to 10 years old. Our offer typically includes popular models like the Peugeot Rifter and Ford Tourneo, as well as many other vehicles that combine elegant design with practicality and superior performance. Additionally, our offer includes electric vehicles.

If you wish to further personalize your vehicle, we offer the possibility of additional upgrades according to your wishes and needs. Whether it’s enhancing technological features, adding extra equipment, or interior modifications, we want your vehicle to reflect your unique style and preferences while guaranteeing our performance.

Your ride has never been more personal, so feel free to contact us with complete confidence!


In the world of mobility, adaptability and additional equipment play a crucial role in optimizing your driving experience. Our equipment offer allows you to customize your vehicle according to specific needs. Without the need for professional installation, we offer innovative solutions that will enhance the comfort, safety, and functionality of your vehicle.

Spare Parts

In the dynamic world of mobility, maintaining your business equipment is crucial to ensuring seamless operations. To ensure the long-lasting and reliable operation of your vehicles, we offer a wide range of spare parts from various manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for cooling systems, safety equipment, vehicle adaptation equipment, or accessories for mobile offices, our offer meets all your needs.