Air conditioning for buses and trucks, service and sales

Our company offers complete solutions for air conditioning of cabins for trucks and buses. We’d like to particularly emphasize the possibility of servicing existing air conditioners, installing new units, and repairing and replacing old system components.

It’s almost inconceivable to drive a vehicle without an air conditioner today. If your vehicle does not have a factory-fitted air conditioner, we can offer you the retrofit installation of air conditioners on personal vehicles, freight vehicles (vans and trucks) or buses.

We are especially proud of the knowledge and experience of our staff in complex retrofitting of such equipment.

VIESA Kompressor III

Parking air conditioner

The VIESA Kompressor III offers drivers a fresh and quiet environment in which to rest.
Low power absorption allows for greater self-sufficiency with the vehicle parked, while the use of innovative materials ensures limited weight requirements and reduced vibrations, providing superior acoustic comfort.

VIESA Kompressor III is the end result of over three years of development, in partnership with the Thermotechnical Department of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Florence. Designed to guarantee the best comfort while parked, the system maintains a constant temperature within the cabin, ensuring a peaceful rest for drivers during parking breaks.

Powerful and energy efficient, this Viesa air conditioner stands out for its silent operation. The unit’s electronics feature an accumulator protection system that is specifically designed for starting batteries on industrial vehicles. All components are derived from “automotive” technology, so that repairs and maintenance can be performed by any specialized automotive workshop anywhere in the world. Vehicle downtime is reduced thanks to the system’s quick assembly. Very few system components ultimately means maximum reliability.


Parking air conditioner

Fresco Genius is a novelty on our market and a revolution in truck air conditioning during rest – 100% invisible and integrated parking air conditioning.

The cooling capacity of the FRESCO GENIUS unit is equal to that of the working climate, and the system is fully integrated into the vehicle without visible elements.

What sets GENIUS apart from other parking air conditioners is better performance, better aerodynamics, free security hatch and ‘under-the-hood’ compressor allowing air-conditioned air to be pushed directly through original vents.

Heating systems for vessels

Webasto air conditioners help achieve optimum heat control while increasing the comfort of staying on your boat, yacht or in a vehicle in every season. Webasto heating and air conditioning units use world-class technology and are recognized as a symbol of comfort. Years of our partnership with the company ensures the highest level of expertise and a large stock of original parts. We recommend their air and water heaters, and air conditioners.

Webasto air heaters represent an economical heating solution, they are easy to operate and maintain. The unit is quiet and ensures constant pleasant temperature of heated space, boat or road vehicle. Moisture and cold will remain where they belong – outside. We offer two years of warranty for all their units.

Webasto water heaters provide much more than just warm air – they provide warm water for shower and cooking, and the possibility to preheat the engine. Their additional advantage is the installation in the engine compartment, which saves cabin space.

Webasto air conditioning units for boats – Superior Webasto systems will make your boats and yachts feel like home by ensuring fresh ambience during eating, sleeping or after sunbathing.

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