We provide specialized vehicle conversions and equipment for disabled people with difficulties in accessing and managing their vehicles, through a wide range of solutions for vehicle changes and special upgrades.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV)

Vehicles such as VW Caddy or Caddy Maxi, Peugeot Rifter, Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo Life, Dacia Dokker, Fiat Doblo and Ford Tourneo Connect with the built-in Flexi Ramp system, represent a new and advanced level of transport for disabled people.

With its unique mobile ramp, Flexi Ramp, is specifically designed for the transport of wheelchair users. The ramp allows transportation of additional passengers as well as escorts.

Ease of use is achieved through a simple access system, a secured 4-point fixation system for wheelchairs and a 3-point special belt. These security systems and belts provide the highest level of safety.

Depending on the base vehicle, our solutions offer transportation of disabled person in a wheelchair and 2, 3 or 5 additional passengers.

When there is no need to transport the person in wheelchairs, all seats and luggage space are available to the user, with luggage space volume identical to the base vehicle.

Manually control all functions of the vehicle

We are able to offer you personalized hand-operated clutches, brakes and accelerators.

One of our most widespread products are steering controls for brakes and accelerator for vehicles with automatic transmission.
This system is called MERO-3 and represents one lever located near the central tunnel on the driver’s side which is controlled by braking and adding or subtracting the acceleration. The installation of this system allows for the classic use of brake and accelerator pedals.

We also offer manually operated coupling systems for people whose left leg is not fully functional, systems for adding gas with the left foot for people with lower functionality of the right leg and accessories for the steering wheel and gear shifter.

Systems for easy access to the vehicle

We offer solutions with seat-rotating mechanism for easy access to the vehicle, solutions for car seats access through the foldable side panel, floor solutions constructed in such a way that person can be lifted in/out of the car and lifting systems for people with a special sitting bag that ensures fast and safe access to the vehicle.

Used vehicles

Bside different vehicle conversions and installations of specialized equipment, our company offers a wide range of used vehicles specially equipped for disabled people transportation.

Vehicles are imported from a central depot in Italy and Netherlands: